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Things to do in Grimsby

Grimsby has a lot more to do than just shopping or visiting the local seaport. The town is filled with history, and its two top museums should be on the top of every history buff's list of things to do.

A few of the many sights and attractions to see are:

Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre

The Grimsby ports were once one of the busiest in the world. While port popularity has waned, the Fishing Heritage Centre remains a popular choice for guests. This award-winning attraction allows guests to step into the life of the British trawlermen.

One of the earliest surviving side-trawlers, the “Ross Tiger” is on display, with guests stepping abroad to see what life is like out in the port

The Heritage Centre depicts life as a trawlerman in the 1950s. Interactive displays are present to help visitors visualize life as one of Britain’s most dangerous professionals. There’s also a museum filed with exhibitions and galleries to explore.

A gallery café provides drinks and refreshments

This is an attraction you don’t want to miss.

Time Trap Museum

The Time Trap Museum is a specialty museum located in the Town Hall. The museum is a pleasant surprise for guests, and it consists of exhibits. A guided tour is available, so visitors can enjoy the exhibits with additional insight provided.

You’ll be able to learn about Grimsby’s past, and there is a trove of artwork and treasures to see.

The town’s colorful past is on full display as you walk deep into the prison cells. Dark and winding corridors lead guests to the winding stairs where the true museum is found. You’ll piece together the town’s past through the treasures on display.

Time Trap Museum gives guests a look into Grimsby’s development.

Caxton Theatre

The Caxton Theatre is an auditorium that seats 184 people. The venue provides eight main-house productions annually, with each production featuring seven performances. New productions are presented every 6 – 7 weeks on average.

Guests can also come to the theatre to watch the cast auditions.

Excellent performances await at the Caxton, with high quality sets and costume design. Seating in the theatre is comfortable, and prices are often under £10. Amateur actors will perform each show, and it’s a great way to get an inside look into the local talent.

Time 4 Play

The Time 4 Play has fun and games for the entire family. The venue consists of a 3-level play zone with over 5000 sqft of fun. the building is broken into three main zones:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Juniors

Free parking is on the premise along with free Wi-Fi. A professional full-time chef serves food daily, too. Parents are free to sit back and relax, or they can join in on the fun with their kids. Fun slides and a zip wire add a new element of fun for kids, and there is also a ball zone.

There’s a dizzy disc, ball boggler and ball firing turret, too.

Net climbing bridges help kids build up their supporting muscles, while the viewing dome allows for easy viewing of the section below. Prices are affordable, too, with kids under one allowed in for free. Kids under 5 pay £3.95 - £4.95. Kids over 5 pay £4.95 – £5.95. Adults are allowed in for free, but pay £1 during the weekend and holidays.

Freshney Place

If you’re ready for some shopping, there’s no better place than Freshney Place. This is a shopping mall filled with great stores. Dozens of stores are in the mall, including:

  • BB’s
  • Bodycare
  • Boots
  • Burton
  • Bonmarche
  • Card Factory
  • All Things Scented
  • Angelia
  • Claire’s
  • Clintons
  • CeX
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Eye Candy
  • HMV
  • GoCruise
  • M&S
  • Martin’s
  • Muffin Break

Freshney Place is a robust shopping mall with something for every guest. The mall also offers events and plans to offer live music every month for guests. Celebrity guests make rare appearances at the mall, too.